An entry more to gain a feel for the new site and it's features, than to say anything of consequence.

Some points noted so far.

  • Posting comments and I guess forum posts I notice that members sig lines are appearing above the comment/post which is a little confusing

  • Either my spelling has greatly improved or the spell checker is being kind
  • These bullets could do with a line feed or at least some margining
  • Forum posts (as noted by Gary)could do with a divider and line feed after post content and before sig line
  • Have we lost the facility for grouping 'view posts since last visit' and 'view own posts' or have I just missed them, am I jumping ahead too much Smile scrub that in part, just realised there's a 'Your posts' type listing at the top of the forum list. [ Note to Self: must keep eyes open. ]
  • Signature line links are not appearing in all posts
  • BB code tags are inserting 'br' tags and 'p' tags Using html code tags is a solution yet this appears to have problems in not displaying code at all on occasion?
  • We need a semantics checker

    Hugo, your spelling hasn't been all that bad. It's that you're spelling the wrong words. Smile you're/your, loose/lose, bellow/below (I noticed Tony does that one, too), etc..


    Anyone can create a usable website. It takes a graphic designer to make it slow, confusing, and painful to use.
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    Semantic checker

    You must remember CSS is my first language, that's why I have so much trouble with English. Smile

    Kind comments, The real

    Kind comments, The real answer to those little slip ups is to write correctly as in you are rather than that spawn of satan, the contraction, which as we all know should not really be used.

    I'm with Tony my mind is geared towards coding syntax so whenever I need to insert an aphostrophe(sic)I think I'm terminating a string, which must be why I avoid them.

    Fix Your Site With The Right DOCTYPE
    Then Please Validate, Why ?

    Hello Hugo

    Hi, I was wondering why I couldn't access the site yesterday. I guess I have my answer. This new layout seems refreshing although I have to admit that it will take getting used to. Cheers!

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