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My site is just about finished. I havent had the sphericals to go tableless as yet but have used a fair bit of css. It validates bar the marquee on the homepage. I am aware of a couple of broken links.

Your comments would be appreciated. Im particually interested in the navigation and how it looks in ff and IE

If anyone understands SEO your comments would be most useful too especiall with google in mind.

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Oh my... you said the word "marquee" and I looked anyway! Oups

The general feel is a little unprofessional - the dropdown menus look shabby, and the graphic work could use polishing.

As far as SEO goes, you've got things titled appropriately, you're using meta keywords and description. If you want to get a high Google ranking though, getting crosslinks is almost vital. You'll need other sites to link you up to give your site more "credibility" and weight. Approach other sites to do with a similar topic, and see if you can swap links with them, so you help each other.

-- Frances

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Most would agree with Frances that there is quite a bit of work to do. You have for instance inline styling throughout your HTML.

You obviously started with a general idea of what it was supposed to look like without giving much consideration to an overall theme, such as colors, imagery, font choices etc. In other words, you would probably benefit from thinking about those strategic choices, then create an overall framework and finally style your site as well as add content. It currently looks like you went in reverse order.

Hope this helps


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I think that this site is ok for what it is. It does the job you want it to do, navigation is clear. Yes I agree that this could look a lot better but do you really need it to? I know that this is a css forum, but I don't think you need to spend a great deal of time styling a site like this. Its the content that people are intrested in. And for seo, I could go on for ages. You gotta read up a lot to start getting a lot of hits.