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I havn't yet added anything to the sandbox, but the page functions.
If you are in the portfolio page the only link that currently functions is the first one.

everything else should be working.

basically want your gurus (and those well on their way to being gurus) to take a look at the form, function, and code of the site and let me know whatcha think.

Besides the logo header thing which i am working on recoding everything should be extremly compatible with screenreaders and non css compliant browsers.
I used 0 images so the site loads about as fast as possible.

ehh, that's the end of my rant - let me know whatcha think!

PS - can anyone help me get my contact page to validate? I think Hugo at one point mentioned labels, i read into them but didn't understand what their function was or how to use them.

PPS - was just looking at the site and realized I should be using <ul> instead of the <p> on most of the pages (like portfolio and sandbox)

PPPS - I just keep notcing more and more things wrong maybe this site just isn't ready for a site check. I will leave this post up though, so that maybe someone's 2 cents can help me out a bit more.

Tongue na-na na-na boo boo, i keep catching my mistakes before you do!!!! (hehe, that rythmes)

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