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Here is my site: www.dentone.net/orly
CSS File: www.dentone.net/orly/common/css/default.css

It all validates CSS and XHTML Transitional (except for embeds) and I am having trouble with keeping it from breaking when making the window smaller than 1024x768. I would like to have a static left column that is about 300px wide, with the rest of the width taken by the right content column. I currently have a % set for the right and a width: 300px; for the left.

Any ideas?

Help will be greatly appreciated!

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Fluid right column with static left column - css help!

I can't get your link to work, but you don't need to set a width on the right column as it'll automatically take whatever space is left for it. Just give it a margin-left wider than 300px (no width and no float). Your left column should be floated.

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