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I have just published my first attempt at changing from tables to css. I do not want to put this site up for the client till I have checked it with you guys. You can find it under www.dodgybastards.com It is just one of my spare domains, don't worry, I am legit!
My biggest problem has been left alignment of the images. I have used a
br clear all command but now I cannot use the br in the div in any other manner.
I also have lost the scroll bars in a smaller resolution. Seems fine in 800 x 600 +
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards from Africa

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first attempt

i really like the images.. i like diving photos...

btw, the site name is strange, relatively to the use of it.

i may not see the aling problem you have because i have a Camino on Mac, but the front page is cool...

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