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The site: http://lapconcepts.com.au/home.php

I seem to have problems with the scroll bar in mozilla, when its not there it's all good. but on a page thats larger then the window ie; when the page wants to overflow http://lapconcepts.com.au/services.php, the scroll bar appears and shifts the main div over a bit. Is there a property to make the main div just ignore this? It doesn't effect the page in IE cause some buffoon decided to make a scroll bar be there the whole time. This can become annoying because it looks like the page is jumping, and not just changing the content.

Any help?
Much appreciated.

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Scrollbar effecting page width, which effects centred div!


No there is no way to stop the gecko engined browsers doing this.

However, you can always try to force the scrollbar to appear in Mozilla by putting something on the page that is 101% high.

There was a discussion about this either in this forum or at the sitepoint forums a few weeks back. I don't think the solution was attractive.