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Finally found the CSS support table and you can decide which browsers to show.

I picked IE5.5/6/7, Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5/9, Konqueror 3.4 and Safari 2.0

Clicky for table

It's atrocious.

Going down the CSS 2.1 stuff, most of IE5 is blank with ? or a big red no. IE6 and 7 have partial support for a lot of it, but a lof of the items (max-width etc, counter stuff, content, and the :after and :before stuff) have big red Ns.

Looking down the FF 1.5 column, almost everything is a big green yes. As in, 100% support for it.

Even a lot of the CSS3 stuff Firefox already supports.

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  • CSS doesn't make pies

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The full extent of IE's lack of CSS Support


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The full extent of IE's lack of CSS Support

Yep. That's one of my favorite links.

I never thought much about this even though I was aware. IE is just Windows Explorer. Originally, they probably just tacked code onto it so you could surf the web. That's why it's such a piece of crapola. Real web browsers were designed for the 'net. That's why IE is having such a rough go of it. If they were smart, and they are greedy, they would develop an entirely different one or go with FF, buy Opera or whatever. Buncha meatheads.

IE7 is 10 years behind the standards or wrong.
But it works in IE!
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