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OK, first, the site:


Second, the problem: The navigation menu on the left (HEADLINES and BIOGRAPHY) will disappear when a page is loaded. Try clicking one of the links in either menu. The page should show up, but in my browser (IE6 sp1) both menus disappear when the page finishes loading. I can refresh the page and it comes back, or I can just resize the window and it shows up. I can't tell if this is a bug or not.

This has happened with some other people, but works the way it should for the rest (nothing disappears). It seems fine in Opera and Mozilla, but only SOME users in IE tell me that it disappears.

Is something wrong with my code? Help!

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Some oddball issues... tell me what you think.

I think it's IE, since one of the pages doesn't wrap past the sideboxes on my PC, and it works fine.

Can't get any stable copies on my harddisk either... I saved one page which had the problem, and it still had the problem, until I removed the javascript. Then I saved another page with the problem and, with the JS, it was fine.

I think it's IE's problem. It is 'cos I just tried it in Mozilla - the date and subheaders in Moz don't display correctly by the way...

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