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Hey guys I have done plenty of google searches and a search on here as well for information on this but find only problems going the other way around.

My problem is im using an iframe on my page to contain a calendar (so that when you change months it does not reload the main frame you are currently on).

On this calendar I would like to have it so when you scroll over a date it will pull up a bubble like the ones here,

However since the calendar is in an iframe the tooltip only shows up within that frames window and is cut off at the edge of it. I know "actual" tooltips (title and alt property values) override this and will appear outside of the iframe but not sure if its possible to allow the same to happen with user created tips like these.

Any help is much appreciated, and I know I can integrate the calendar into the main frame and have this work no problems but I prefer to keep it in a frame for the reasons stated above.