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I have a large website used with header includes on every page. The header include contains the link to a main.css stylesheet that is used throughout the site.

However, there is a part of the site - in the middle of a page - where I will need to remove all prior CSS formatting from it. It is involving a HTML editor so I would not be able to just specify a certain style.

For example if I were to insert a table into the editor, all of the td is inheriting the formatting from the td styles declared in the main style sheet, as well as the formatting included in the HTML editor.

Besides linking the editor inside an iframe in an external page that does not reference the main.css, is there any way I can put this in a DIV that would remove (not override with another, but revert back to browser defaults) the styles in the main.css file for only within this DIV?

A Javascript solution would also be welcome.

Thank you for your help.