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I have been working on this site that they want no tables and centered and static width. I have the correc code from glish.com, but seem to have problems with my three columns I can't seem to set a margin left any more to the first column then five pixels. the third column breaks. I need to have 20 pixels of margin to the left of the first column.

I tried using an outer div that had a width of 612px and a margin left, that worked but then the third column would go past the 612px's needed, when I set it to 592 it breaks.

If theres any ideas why this is happening let me know please! this is for my internship at at web design firm, and want to impress. you can check out my code at the link below all my css is embeded for now except the @import file to hide some margins from netscape 4, that is where the left columns id is


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I am having problems with my static width centered layout

Hi dan

Three column fixed width designs are very difficult to get wrong. Any chnage in the values without the corresponding change elsewhere will break it.

I am developing a tool to make the page for you and other frustrated users, rather than constantly trouble shoot code.

Having had a brainwave last night, I have a few days work to to before uploading the next version.

The one online at the moment has a couple of bugs, but you can see what it can do here:

DO NOT use the code it makes, coz that version it isn't quite right.