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I'm developing a site for a client, and one of the pages is a lengthy legal contract. I have an option to view a printable version of the site if they want to print it out.

I already have specified an alternate stylesheet on each page for print media, but I want something that the user can select through a link and quickly switch the stylesheet. Is there an elegant way to do this? I've tried the ALA javascript but I'm convinced there has to be a simpler way. If anybody has any tips it would be much appreciated.

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One-time style switching with a link

It's simple if you're using server-side scripting.
For example with php, you could create a link "page.php?layout=print"
and in the page.php file:

if ($_GET["layout"] == "print")
    // use the print style css file
    // use the normal style css file

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One-time style switching with a link

If your pages aren't PHP however, javascript is the easiest way to go about things.

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