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At work I am making a web site which contains characters I want to use, except these characters are in a non-standard font.

There are 5 characters I want to use from the Webdings font, and I realize that not all visitors to the web site use Windows-based systems. For this reason, I managed to mage images based on these 5 Webdings characters.

Is there a way for me to determine whether a specific font (in this case, Webdings) is available? If it is, I would prefer to use the characters themselves. If not, then I will use the images I had made.

The images are 37x37, so they should not be too taxing for a download. However, if I can decrease download time even further by not having to download these images, I would rather do that by taking advantage of a font if it is available.

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Checking a system for a specific font


You cannot ask a user's computer what fonts it has.

For security reasons, I doubt you ever will.