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"Rookie Ed" here,

I would appreciate it if you would review my work so far and give me feedback - "tips, tricks and traps". - Worship page.


Inherited loose HTML coding, framed website. Converting to no-frames, XHTML/css and new design. Most pages are now converted to the new design/layout (phase I). Beginning to DIVvy up (get it? Smile ) and apply css styles (phase II).

Will convert submenus (upper left corner) to css/unordered lists after DIV conversion (Phase II) completed.

Worship page has been converted (phase II) - this is the page to check for DIV and css.

HELP ... "Top of Page" is not working on Worship page (after DIVying - have scrutinized code for errors, cant' find any).

"Adults" is a "phase I" example. "Top of Page" works OK.

Ed A

P.S. No, I am not attempting to convert anyone. Cool
P.P.S. What is purpose of the Poll and how does it work?

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