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Have you ever read a
post on a discussion board
which only goes a few words
wide like this one?

Yup, it's that button wot
does it. The button called,
'enter' wot used to be
called, 'carriage return'
in them good ol' typewriter

An' you can bet your boots
that it be an ol' secretary
wot hits that ol' button
coz she's bin hittin' it for
30 years and her desk fair
shakes every time!

Oh yeah, the carriage return;
cranking 100 words a minute,
then hit the carriage return.
It's the equivalent to a truckie
revving down a gear in a
residential 'drive quiet' zone.

But it's in the typists
blood y'see.
Chuck out the old t'writer,
buy her a new 'puter,
laser printer,
DVD rewriter,
but d'you think she'll stop
hittin' the carriage return? Wink

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Hit the Carriage Return

Laughing out loud I hate people that do that, it makes post so hard to read Laughing out loud

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