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I saw this menu on:


and I was wondering how they did that. I looked at the source and it seems like they have a navigation layer there for it, but I also see some javascript.
When you hover over some of the buttons on the left a new menu will appear which is slightly transparent.

Can anyone tell me how this is done or if there is a tutorial somewhere on this type of thing? I'd like to give it a shot myself.

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Re: Anyone know how this was done???

This is a javascript question and does not belong in the CSS section.

Moved to "Off Topic".

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Anyone know how this was done???

Which part are you particularly interested in?

The best thing to do is to save the page and all the associated page elements. Then play with it on your own website and get to know what each bit does.

The page itself appears to have, CSS menus, javascript faders, flash images and sIFR. You can find out more on each through google. For the CSS menus, take a look at the third link in my sig. That is the aspect we can really help you with. For the others asking here is possibly not the best place.