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What's up everyone?

I have the unfortunate task of having to redesign a website with a condition being it works in Netscape 4. I have a navigation bar in which I use 4 expanding table cells. I wanted the links to be different than the page links so I made the following css:

.horiznav A:link{
	color: #54C851;
	font-weight: bold;

.horiznav A:visited {
	color: #54C851;

.horiznav A:hover {
	color: #37A534;

Now, here is the html code where I apply a class to a <tr> element. I did this because applying a <div> around all four table cells was not working. I'm just looking for the correct way to apply the class so that it will work for Netscape 4 and IE.

<tr class="horiznav">
                  <td style="border-left: 1px; border-color: #37A534" width="25%" height="18" valign="center" align="center"><a href=#>Home</a></td>
                  <td  width="25%" valign="center" align="center"><a href=#>Programs</a></td>
                  <td width="25%" valign="center" align="center" ><a href=#>FAQ</a></td>
                  <td  width="25%" valign="center" align="center"><a href=#>About Us</a></td>                  

Netscape 4 will not apply the style but IE 6 will. How can I restructure the html using a <div> so that Netscape 4 will apply the style? I know I could wrap a <div> around each <a> tag in each <td> cell but I feel there should be no need for that.

Here's a link to the page: try it in Netscape 4 and IE, you'll see that in Netscape 4, it just applies the page-wide <a> style which is the same color as the navigation background bar.

Thanks in advance. I've been racking my brain over the past few weeks trying to get a site that looks presentable in Netscape 4. It's absolutely absurd that some people (1%) still use Netscape 4 and furthermore, that some organizations require compliancy with it.