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I am now looking at the holy grail 3 column layout i have been all the way through the article but i cannot get the third column length to change size without it working in 1 browser and not the other. is this possible??
What i am after is the left and right column to be the same size but i think it might be impossible to do this and keep it working in all browsers

here is the link to the test page


The source code is in the page, i can get the page to work in FF but then it dosen't in IE if i make both left & right columns equal lengths.

Cheers for any help

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3 column layout

Yes, it is possible.

You've only done the first part - aligning the columns horizontally. I am not too familiar with the holy grail article - that's the one on A List Apart?

The layout was based on "The One True Layout", its the middle link in my signature. Have a read of it too - you'll see how to get your columns to appear equal lengths and see some examples.