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I am trying to put a line (divider lines that runs all the way across) under my website logo using Cascading Style Sheet.

The code I have for the CSS # is:

{border-bottom-width: thin;
border-bottom-style: solid;}

The code I have in my HTML to call the border function is :

<div id = "border"> </div>.

This is located in the header tag.

The border always appears where the top body margin starts, instead of right under my logo.

The border is right above the words "Welcome to my first site", instead of right under the Conrad's Computer Solutions logo.

Here is the code I have for the body section of the CSS.

{color : 000000;
margin-top: 230px;
margin-bottom: 60px;
margin-left: 40px;
margin-right: 40px;
background-image : url('logo3.gif');
background-position : 50% 25px;
background-repeat : no-repeat;}

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Need help putting line under logo with CSS

It'd help if you posted a link to the page. Or, at least the HTML that you are using?

Also, if your logo is an image, you could give the image a border? Or, used a CSS styled horizontal rule... <hr />.

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Need help putting line under logo with CSS

It's the site in his profile box.

i am not here

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Need help putting line under logo with CSS

Well, seeing as you have the image set as your background there, you can't actually have a border beneath it.

What you can do is, in between you <div="border"><img src="logo2.gif"></div> and than customize the border according to that.

Also, I am using Mozilla and the border isn't showing up at all. And you should declare a color for your border too:

something like:

{border-bottom: thin solid #000;} 

Oh, and if you put the img into the border div you are going to have to position it.


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