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Hello, i'm only recently beginning to get to grips with the CSS techniques used to create table-less layouts.

Looking around for tutorials on how to create them, i've found plenty dealing with 'fluid' type layouts, but only a few that offer examples of fixed width layouts.

I'm interested in creating layouts that use positioning similar to this site http://www.angryape.com/ but working through the stylesheet for this particular one leaves me with lots of questions.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good fixed width, multi column tutorials/templates i can use to learn from? (or can mention any specific topics/elements i should be paying special atttention to to acheive something like the layout posted above?)

Thanks for your time.

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css newbie : fixedwidth column layout examples?

I assume that by "fixed width" layouts you are talking of layouts that stay one size, no matter the browser or resolution or monitor size, right?

I generally just use all position:absolute; and define my top, right, bottom and left (and widths) by pixels.

But I know there are more advanced ways of doing it, I just find that way easier for me, and most of the time it looks great in all browsers.


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css newbie : fixedwidth column layout examples?

Here is a page that has fixed width layouts:


I have created a layout that is fixed width, but to
achieve some useful features I had to rather
advanced CSS to the design:


The fact is, most every liquid layout can be made
rigid with just a few changes.