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On some google searches I have carried out today - three where I have attempted to copy/paste the link I'm interested in - the links have been links back to google with the search result url as part of the query string.


In all cases the green link information at the bottom of the search result has been the expected link details. Its only the href of the search item title link that is as shown.

On the other two occasions, when I repeated the search a proper link appeared. Also, its only ever been the first link returned by the search that has a google url, the second and subsequent search results (on the first page) all are normal links.

Anyone know what is going on?

/edit, its some javascript (as disabling javascript stops it) that's doing it. its only when I right click on the link to copy it that it morphs into a google url. It does happen to the links of other search results, previously I only hovered over those links - thats not enough to change them.