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heya.. i visited a couple of months back to get suggestions on a site i did..


(remove the brackets for the URL.. sorry for this, i just don't want this thread to be picked up by search engines, like the last few)

anyway, it pretty much works great in IE (haven't tried v7 yet), Firefox (haven't tested recently, though) and Opera (up to the latest stable release, 8.51).. it validates XHTML 1.0 and CSS (aside from a few dumb CSS warnings, which i could also use help with as i don't know where to even start)..

however, i recently switched to Opera 9 TP2 permanently (although i keep the old version around, just in case), and noticed the site completely messes up.. the right-side blocks get somehow shifted downwards, below the actual content, and it makes the site practically unusable..

i haven't noticed this behaviour from any other browser, which gets me to my question: should i worry about this problem and try to fix it (which is why i'm here), or just blame it on Opera's non-stable browser and hope it gets fixed in the final release?

also, last time i checked the site looked funny on Safari/OSX.. upon hovering over the menu items, the background image would pop out and overlap the content borders.. can anyone confirm this with Safari, please, since i don't own a Mac?

thanks for any help.. suggestions and comments about the site are quite welcome too.. thanks!

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site breaks in Opera9 TP2

You can't judge your pages against browsers in beta development stage it's just nonsensical, these browsers are released as beta to testers to obtain feedback/bug reports, there seems to be a lot of nonsense at the moment with people trying to fix up their pages in IE7 BETA ? why, what for; Or others already preparing convoluted hacks/filters for behavior that may change by final release.

As for Opera I was hoping that there must come a point where they get things right finally, this ought to be V 9 but personally I'll wait for the stable release but will most certainly not be holding my breath.


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