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Well hello there,
Thanks for viewing my thread.

The website: LINK

Problem 1:
The "features" ( Positioned to the right of the logo ) goes 50 pixels too high up in Opera, due to the absolute position they have. But if they don't have it, they goes 50 pixels too low in IE and FF. Though then it looks fine in Opera.

Problem 2:
The navigation buttons simply aren't positioned correctly. They should be in the, both vertical and horizontal centrum, of the "grey with borders on top" area.

Problem 3:
My "intro" box (the one beneath all the images, with the yellow background) acts very strange. It goes over all the images, and ofcourse the background image of it follows. Here is an image of how it should be like: IMAGE

Problem 4:
It's about the "Recent articles", "recent forum discussions" and "Latest Resources" box. Well, it's just like it isn't there, but still is.
Again you can see the image for how it should be.

If you can just help a little bit with just one of these problems it would be perfect. Thank incredibly much.

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4 Problems (Absolute positions, Divs and general CSS problem

I'd have said this is more a topic for "CSS Layout", not Styling, but we'll let it pass this time Laughing out loud

I think you may want to have a read of this article:


and then rethink your layout.

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