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my first post here...but I've been searching for a while.

Here's my problem. I have a pretty slick start page: However, it is using tables...and is a real b***h to udate. I've been messing with css and realize that what I'm doing would be so much easier to do with css. Before we go on, here's why I structure the page as I do:
- I do not like the back button...I prefer multiple windows open
- I hate scrolling...up/down/sideways
- It is fun to resize the page.
The goal of the page is to have the text strecth both horizontally and vertically in 3 column so that no matter where I go...I can generally browse my start page and not have to matter the reasonable resolution of the screen.
Here is what I've gotten so far:

I've got the columns and horizontal stretchyness down pat..that's not the problem. I just can't get it to stretch vertically like I can with the tables.

If worse comes to worse...I can clean it up some by making a table of 1 column, then have css make my individual columns...using the table structure to stretch vertically.

Note: I've been toying with I'm sure there are some funky stuff going on in there.