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I think my layout I've been working on for the past two weeks is finally finished. Thanks to the help I've got here lately, I think my page is almost perfect as it is. I have tested the layout on all the major browsers on both Mac and Windows--the only browser that has a little glitch with the site is the discontinued IE for Mac, which displays the gray column background in the footer.

Check out the layout here: http://www.hawkherald.com/frontpagelayout.php

So what do you think? Any changes I should make before the site officially releases on Monday, February 13th? This is the first complicated site I've ever made completely with CSS, so advice from pro's at this would be much appreciated.

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Final site layout critique

Hi ndogg

#menu - remove the height, it will allow the text to resize better instead of disappearing

Make your logo into a link back to the homepage - it's quite common now and many people expect it

personally i'm not keen on yellow hover for menu links

I'd put a little bit of a margin on the left of the picture, just to keep the text from touching the edge

put your css in an external file and link it from within the HEAD
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="whatevername.css" media="screen"/>

Just a thought, If you have no advertisements, why not just hide the heading until you do

apart from that it's a nice, simple, clean design - you've done a good job for a first go, Heading structure is good and it displays well without images or CSS or both etc

A few little bits of 'polishing' and you're away

Hope that was all helpful,


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