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The woman I'm doing this site for has said that she said it was too "loaded".

She wants an intro page where there would be links to every site section, and in these subsequent pages it would be easier to fit some background images she has sent me.

These images are graphically very heavy, and I've told her that they would make text difficult to read, but she didn't seem to understand me and wants them anyway. I'll try again, so does anyone have any suggestion on what to say (If you agree with her, don't be shy, better to hear it here than anywhere else)

Also, I thought that putting a "About Us" text with the links with "Recent News" (Oh, she wants those in a separate page also) in the index (as is shown in the link provided) would make the navigation easy, but she came with "too loaded" stuff. Again, does anyone agree with her? If so, why? If not, how should I try to convince her of it?

Well, I guess I'm just a bit upset that she didn't like my site design, but would like to hear other opinions. Come on, don't be shy Smile

oh, the link. Close the geocities thingy, it won't be hosted there anyway.


And for those of you non-Portuguese/Latin Speakers, the site is something like bellow:

Content --- Links
------------- Recent News (yellow box)

The images are photoshop-ed versions of some she sent me, suggestions on those also welcome.

If you got this far, thanks! Laughing out loud

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Yet another site check + some tips

I'm a sucker for simple, I think it looks nice. It has a nice clean look and it's not too busy.

My opinion of course, but that's what ya wanted!

I looked at it in Opera, so it works in that too. (I'm starting to like this browser now, I like the tabbed thingy)


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Yet another site check + some tips


1. Your design looks great Laughing out loud
2. Only certain types of site can get away with minimalistic intro pages.

On the latter.

A site should, when opened:

A. Give the user sufficient information to tell them they have found what they are looking for.
B. Not take very long to load (no big graphics or heavy use of flash).
C. Be welcoming and inviting. Come on in. Rather like a restaurant. If the Maitre De looks like a reject from a High Security Prison, no one will come in regardless of how good the service or food is.

If the site is mainly attracting return/regular visitors, it should not be a simple intro page, but should contain dynamic up-to-date (like news) content. After all, the visitor is there because they want the information, not a useless but fancy intro screen. E.g. a software company like Microsoft or a reseller like Amazon.

If the site is attracting one time visitors, fine, do the intro screen. BUT ... why on earth make a site for one-time visitors? Only so many people will visit, then the site goes out of use. Typical examples of this are the 'This is my website' type sites made by school kids. Some look really good, but who cares?

I think your discussion should go like this:

1. Who is coming to your site and will they come back, and if so how often. Why should they come back to a site with a static welcome page? And if they do come back, won't they bypass the welcome page by bookmarking, so why have one?
2. A large percentage of visitors to sites, if they fail to find what they want at the first try (the welcome page) go elsewhere.
3. Content has to be 'sticky' to succeed.