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This is probably a dumb/simple question, but in FF, Safari, etc., this padding works -- but not in IE6, which instead of having it flush with the text below, indents it. (The lorem ipsum headers in the box on the right.) If I take out the padding, of course it works in IE6 but then not in FF or Safari.

.title {
margin-bottom: 0em;
color: #FFEFCA;
padding-left: 2%;}

Is this one of those "box model hack" things? Although I looked that up, and it seemed to relate to IE5 and not IE6 (not that I've looked at this in IE5 anyhow...)

Also, this may not look great, but it looks better in FF anyhow. The text looks different in IE, and the spacing -- the box on the right becomes 3x longer than in FF, with huge gaps between elements. Is that also a box model hack issue?

(And thanks to the people who helped me with my <hr> issues before.)