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Hi guys,

I'm using the 'One True Layout' methods for both ordering the three columns on my site and for creating equal height columns. It's all working beautifully in Firefox, but IE is (as is so often the case) being annoying.

What is happening is that the three columns, while being present in the source, are not appearing on the page at all. We go straight from the navigation bar to the footer, with no space in between. As I say, the three columns are there is you view source, and if you try to "find" some text that's in them the browser says that it's there.

I have narrowed the problem down to the overflow:hidden declaration on the bounding box of my three columns. When I take this out, the content reappears. Of course, then the equal height columns things doesn't work, because that massive padding and margin space is visible on the screen too.

Does anyone have any idea how I can possibly fix this? It's driving me insane.