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Hi there,

I have a rendering issue in Safari which can be seen at:


and the page itself can be viewed via:


In the safari screen dump, you'll notice I've taken the right hand info box out of the page, as i wanted to see if that was causing the issue, but it changed nothnig Sad

For some reason, in Safari, and only in Safari, it wont render the layer across the page like the other browsers do. Mozilla works fine...

I havent listed the CSS and XHTML here because I was hoping this might be known Safari issue.

Has anyone got any obvious suggestions, or would you like to see the code? Would really appreciate some help on this one as this one bug is now stopping me releasing this site Sad

Many thanks, Steve.

Ottawa, Ontario
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Ottawa, Ontario
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rendering issue in Safari - all other browser work!?

I see the same problem in Konqueror...

At first I thought the problem was that KHTML doesn't support display: inline or display: block at the moment but in fact it does (what it doesn't support is inline-block).


Using Konq's DOMI I'm inclined to believe the problem is somewhere with #maincontent <div class="design">. This class doesn't appear to be defined anywhere.