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Can anyone recommend a service that will submit my site to search engines without getting me banned? I would submit them myself, but it takes so much time.... time that I don't have. Most search engines make you sign up for accounts before you can even submit a site. I would rather pay someone to do it for me, but I don't want them to get me banned in the process.

Any recommendations?

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Search Engine Submission

There are sooooo many companies out there to do this.
The company I work for is large and we do not pay anyone for this service, nor do we pay for any inclusion or key words with search engines. We rely on being spidered and free submissions. We take care with our content, meta tags and links to make sure there is good exposure for key words and phrases.
This isn't maybe the best tactic, but since the algorithms for search engines seem to be changing every day, it is difficult to figure out what they are looking for.
It is my understanding that you can't get banned by the actual submitting - but rather the content of your site. (Excessive use of keywords in the content or metatags kind of thing). If anything, one of these companies would make recommendations on your web design for better search engine optimization.