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This is a site I made for a man who has a stud-farm. The content is not completely finished but the layout is.

As the site is completely in Dutch, i'll translate the key items:
*menu on the left:
index / home guestbook links
studs / stallion mare foals 2005
for sale / none so far

The menu-list under the picture on the right is a photo-album

I'm not too happy about the backgroud and the picture above the logo, so if anyone has a suggestion, i'd like to hear it.[/url]

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Site check [kravaal.downfire.com]

You might want to lose the fixed-width on the menu and main column, When you resize the text, I expect the containers to expand width wise.

I like the layout and I like the images.

The separate menus on the left need more space between them (index, ponys and te koop) - a larger margin should do.

Also, why are you using divs and such unnecessary code for the menu? Whenever you use a class or id of "menu", you should use a list. Whenever you use a class or id of "header" or "h3" you should use a relevant header.

 	<div id="menu">
			<div class="h3">Index</div>
			<div class="li"><a class="current" href="index.php">Home</a></div>

			<div class="li"><a href="guest.php">Gastenboek</a></div>
			<div class="li"><a href="links.php">Links</a></div>
			<div class="h3">Pony's</div>
			<div class="li"><a href="hengst.php">Hengsten</a></div>
			<div class="li"><a href="merrie.php">Merries</a></div>
			<div class="li"><a href="veulen.php">Veulens 2005</a></div>

			<div class="h3">Te Koop</div>
			<div class="li">geen</div>

class=h3? Come on! At least a <h3> tag there, I would have thought.

I think a definition list may be more appropriate - failing that, a regular list.

Try this:

   <dd><a class="current" href="index.php">Home</a></dd>
   <dd><a href="guest.php">Gastenboek</a></dd>
   <dd><a href="links.php">Links</a></dd>

   <dd><a href="hengst.php">Hengsten</a></dd>
   <dd><a href="merrie.php">Merries</a></dd>
   <dd><a href="veulen.php">Veulens 2005</a></dd>

  <dt>Te Koop</dt>

You don't even need ids or classes ANYWHERE in that list Laughing out loud

Verschwindende wrote:
  • CSS doesn't make pies

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Site check [kravaal.downfire.com]

Thank you for the reply, I'll make the nessecary changes:

menu-code will be changed, i originally had another layout in my mind which required divs, but u're right, a list suits better.

I chose a fixed with for the container to align nicely with the logo on top, but i understand your point and will try to figure someting out.

Thanks for the feedback