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Hi, i'm new to css and this forum. how can i get ie, mozilla, and opera to "not count" the left and right border as part of the total width of the box, or to get safari and konqueror to "count" the left and right border as part of the total width of the box. i've created a box with 1px left, right borders and safari and konqueror is 2px too wide where ie,mozilla and opera is good.

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box width question.

First and foremost, you should try and work within the box-model rules. If it's not working on some browsers, but in others, this would suggest that perhaps it's the CSS and HTML that's not correct (unless you're using one of the browsers which gets the model wrong).

However, there are hacks to aid you with the various quirks:http://www.quirksmode.org/

I would recommend you let us see your example link prior to using hacks though (hacks are generally for making quirky browsers such as IE5 PC work with certain CSS declarations).

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