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Perhaps the following isn't the most appropriate for this list but give that the users of this tend to be more web standards oriented than others I thought I'd ask here too. Please indulge me.

I have just been to hotscripts.com looking under their php area for good cms software. The sheer number of choices is staggering to say the least. I found Smarty and it seems like it might make a good choice for my needs. I am really looking to fill two needs.

One, a robust cms in which I can create standards based web templates (ie, table less layouts using xhtml strict and css)

and Two, an easy method in which my clients can still edit their own content with out having to learn anything new, or at least as little as possible. Some sort of wysiwyg would be great if that's possible with out conflicting with existing css styles and as long as it didn't insert font tags and tables all over.

Is there a good open source php/web standards based cms system out there that can do the above? I'd sure like to know about it. Thanks for any pointers!

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Re: standards based cms ideas?

adamreiswig wrote:
I found Smarty and it seems like it might make a good choice for my needs.

From the rest of your post it seems like you're still looking, but in case you hadn't noticed smart is not a CMS, it's a template engine. And a very nice one too Wink

There's one based on phpBB somewhere, but the good ones have to be bought AFAIK - there are many companies offering such solutions and if there were good open-source ones (ie free) then they wouldn't get very far!

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