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I am in charge of developing the HTML templates and CSS files that are going to be reuqired for all Kentucky state agencies to use in creating web sites. You can find the first of the templates located at http://webtoolkit.ky.gov/templates/ewdt_v1/ky_ewdt.html.

It uses XHTML Strict and CSS for positioning. This is going to be used by people of all skill levels, in a variety of editors, most of whom are new to CSS for positioning. The concept is that the first style sheet, http://webtoolkit.ky.gov/templates/ewdt_v1/styles/ky_ewdt_standards.css, is to be called absolutely, and that it should contain most of the CSS positioning and only the mandated CSS presentation. The second style sheet can be one of many default "schemes" (such as http://webtoolkit.ky.gov/templates/ewdt_v1/schemes/blue/ky_ewdt_blue.css), a scheme customized by an agency, or their own style sheets. Whatever is used, it is not to override anything in the first style sheet.

I've tested it in IE 6, IE 5.5, IE 5.01, Netscape 7.1, Opera 7.23, and Mozilla Firefox 0.8. I do not have access (yet) to any Macs, but hope to soon. We are also not going to design a lot for version 4 browsers for now due to limited resources. To test the schemes, do a find and replace all in the HTML: find the word "blue" and replace it with either "brick", "plum", "green" or "slate".

BTW, I'm not the designer, just the guy making it work. If you don't like the design, it's not going to hurt my feelings. I can take constructive criticism of the code, so tear it apart. Let me know what you like, dislike, have problems with, don't understand, etc. I want to improve the files before going live May 1st, and I also need to create the FAQ and manual on using the templates.

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Help review templates for Kentucky State Government


Looks OK. Classic 3 column design.

I would make the go button for the search rounded and colored. Being square it looks odd there. I know you are using the default browser button (See Safari comment below), you might want to take a screenshot of a Mac style button and use that.

Also, I would bring the logo in to leave a margin. It breaks the design there.

Looks good in Safari 1.2 Mac too, except there is a hairline gap in the design between the div with the breadcrumbs at the bottom and the rest of the body (see here http://capture.danvine.com/results/149.png - valid 24 hours only). Safari uses Mac style buttons, see the search go button, much nicer!