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I'm having some problems with my layout, so far it looks like only IE6. You see, on IE6 the content drops down, down, down, and goes below the menu. I was wondering if anyone could point out how to fix this.

I was also hoping I could get a few more browsers to check and see if there are any bugs.

So, check it out. http://www.owlmanatt.com

And thanks!

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Layout check, pointer also needed


Your problem (I think) is that you could do with some position attributes.

To be honest, you haven't given any consideration to potential bugs in browsers, and there are tons. A visit and read of www.positioniseverything.net will give you an idea what to do.

Why did Big John call it position is everything? Probably because, for IE problems, the position attribute (or lack thereof) is often everything to do with it. Or maybe coz he likes PIE's Laughing out loud

Safari is probably the biggest pain for you to design for, so it si good that www.danvine.com/icapture lest you grab screenshots for free. One of the best Safari hack guides is here :


What I really like about this list is that it references these hacks to the other browsers too in a nice easy to read chart.