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It's been hell, but now it feels like heaven. I've coded my site layout in full css and xhtml, I've fixed many errors and bugs here and there, specially on the green version using Opera...) and I think it's pretty much done. I still want to add one or two more stylesheets, but for now I'd like to know everything's working fine to everyone (Specially MAC owners). Please visit my site (InGo'S RaNcH, IR for short) and comment. You can switch the stylesheets using mozilla view menu or by clicking on the links around (you can see 3 images, one says "Mushroom", which is the default style; one says "Palace" and the last one says "Verde". I'd also like to know which one do you like the most (To set is as the default one).

XHTML tested using's validator. All three CSS files tested using's css validator. Tested in Internet Explorer v6.0.2900, Opera v8.51 and Mozila Firefox v1.5.

EDIT Sorry for posting this thrice (I deleted he other threads). I was having problems with my browser and thought the thread was not created...