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i need the code for that wachamacallit...
ok, remember when you're about to exit microsoft word and then the computer will ask you if you want to save your work or not? well that's the code i need except it appears when you enter the site that has that code...

am i making sense to you?

please i really need this... asap....

im almost finished polishing my friendster...

i just really want to put it there...


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code 4 that thing dat has a clickable dat says"OK"

I deleted your other post since it was exactly the same as this one. In the future, do not cross post. Thanks.

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code 4 that thing dat has a clickable dat says"OK"

It's called a "messagebox". In VisualC++ you use afxmessagebox. In HTML, you'll need a javascript alert box.

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code 4 that thing dat has a clickable dat says"OK"

Hmmm, you meant an alert box ayt? Well, friendster doesnt allow us to insert javascript codes! Damn!

But, I've figure a way out on how to implement a javascript code by calling the getURL function and save it as a SWF file!

So, all we have to do is, place the SWF file in our 'Now Playing' section (<OBJECT>) and once someone views our profile, the SWF would call the getURL function and the alert box would be executed!

Example :


And, sorry for the OFF-TOPIC Discussion!