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I am about to launch my first site that is done with 100% css layout. So far I have been really pleased with the way that it displays on all browsers except one. It works great on Win IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Mac Safari, Mozilla, and Opera, but I am having a terrible problem with IE for the Mac. Everything is all over the place and I am assuming it has to do with floating the sections. I am almost to the point where I will do a detection for IE Mac and build a tabled separate version just for that one browser with the limited usage that it has.

I would apreciate any help that can be offered. Also, any general feedback about the site would be great.


Mac IE screenshot: http://www.newezra.com/sc.jpeg

By the way, I am glad that I found this site! I hope I can contribute to the community. Wink

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Switch Commerce - site check IE Mac issues

Sorry can't remember the answer about floats and IE MAC - Try doing a search for "IE Mac" and "floats, both here and on google.


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