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Hello everyone! I am slowly getting the hang of CSS navigational menu generation, but I've been have two irksome problems in MSIE today with one of the sites I am building....and I have not yet come across the solution to my problem after a few hours of searching the web.

PROBLEM #1. Mozilla Firefox will display a left (vertical) menu what looks to be 30-40 pixels lower than when that same menu is displayed in MSIE . My suspicion is that MSIE is actually the one at fault, but cannot be sure. Attached are two screen shots of what I am talking about.

PROBLEM #2. When hovering over both my vertical and horizontal menus in MSIE, the mouse "hover" over several of the items that are lower in the "child" and "grandchild" layers of the menu structure won't remain on the page long enough for me to actually be able to click on them. Could this be a issue? I thought I had adequately handled all of those issues, but if anyone who is willing to look at my CSS file and a sample of the problems I am talking about in a proof page, I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate it.

CSS file http//

Sample web page http//

Thank you!