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I recently received the following PM;

A PM'r wrote:
i just want to know more about html!
can you teach me?

I don't post this to embarrass anyone. Only the OP will know who s/he is.

I do post as an example of a type of PM I receive on a fairly regular basis. I thought my answer to be especially brilliantly written, and so post for the diversion and erudition[1] of all. Smile

I wrote:
Since you've been lurking in the forums for a while now, you will have noticed that we work on a self-help basis. We expect that you'll do the work yourself, and bring questions to the group when you hit a problem.

Google for html tutorials; you'll find several good ones on the first page. Work through them. Mark up some pages of your own, without any concern about appearance. Just get the markup right.

Next, move to css tutorials. Work your way through several, then apply what you've learned to the html pages you've made.

After you've applied yourself diligently to the tutorials, you'll have a knowledge base to build on. At that time, you'll be able to formulate specific questions to specific problems. That, we can help you with.

I hope the rank beginners among you will take this to heart. Few, if any of us, have the time or training (ok, one of us has that) to undertake teaching any subject from the ground up. If you work the tutorials, your understanding of the subject will be greater and the whole learning process sped up.


gary, wearing my moderator's hat

[1] From The Devil's Dictionary ©1911:
ERUDITION, n. Dust shaken from a book into an empty skull.

Webster's is slightly different. Wink

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