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Ok, at this site:


I am trying to make it so there is a space underneath each news post (I use nucleus to post news items), but NOT above the initial one at the top. I tried style="position: relative; bottom:xxx" but it didn't work. I can get it to put a space at the top of each post, but I want to put a space at the bottom so the very first post doesn't have a space above it.

Any suggestions, or anyone want to point out what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

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Top/Bottom spacing

too much code to even try to disect as you are using a non-manual editor, so have no idea how you achieved your space at top.

So either -

a) Give each containing table (the table that holds all of each new news item) a class and give that class a margin-bottom: 20px; or whatever.

b) add an empty row to the bottom of each of those tables.


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