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Deep Joy, it's 1 December 2005 at last and I would like to wish the Chief Druid, his White Wizards and their Elfin helpers a ...
Happy Mistletoe Day.

From today, mere mortals may gather the mistletoe that we fairy-kind have been carefully guarding until it reached its full potency.

Please remember there are cross-cultural differences in the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe:
in one culture the participants are deemed to be betrothed;
another will consider the participants married;
while rascallIE Puck ignores all the rules, throws a broomstick in your path and challenges you to jump over it. Oh yes.

I well remember the excellent advice of an ugly but kindly oaf I met, by chance, one moonlit night (goodness was that nearly 6 months ago?). He said,
"Remember to tell the creators to practice safe mistletoeing, me booty 'til the day is well and truly over, me booty, lest they awake, with profound regret, on the morrow, me booty".

Have fun

<aside> Well that's it for another year chaps. Has anyone seen my wand?</aside>