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Hi Everyone -

Here is what i am trying to accomplish -

Basically it is a statemachine - so i'll describe it below...

There are seven rows in a single column table

The user can click on the cell, and it will change its
background color.

This works fine.

Now the user wants to see a mouseover that will change the color
of the background as the mouse goes over it.

I have both sections of code working - but the problem comes
in when the user clicks in the cell, and i need to change the background
color to the selected tool. When the user leaves the cell (mouseout event) it changes the background color to the non-selected color. Therefore...

does anyone know how to achieve this solution?


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tables and mouseclicks

Hi pithhelmet,
I just answered this in another post please don't double post.
If you haven't had an answer in a while just add to your original post with more info or rephrase the question in the original post.