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Hi I am developing a website for a Disability Resource Center. One thing that they are very concered about is making sure that everyone can see the website. To this end I have created a large print and a Reverse Print Stylesheets... Everything is good except that while in IE 6 the reverse style makes the main page useless (ie you cant see the links) what idiotic thing am I over looking I have spent the better part of a day looking at this thing and have come up empty.

the site is http://mcburney.wisc.edu - to change styles in IE click on the Access Options link at the top right of the page chooose the style to use and then use the links to navigate the site... front page is only issue.

css can be found here:

base (positioning elements) - http://mcburney.wisc.edu/css/base.css

web (basic color scheme) - http://mcburney.wisc.edu/css/web.css

Large (large text) - http://mcburney.wisc.edu/css/large.css

Reverse (Reverse colors for visually impared) - http://mcburney.wisc.edu/css/reverse.css

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issue with ie - text in floats disappear when css changes


They are there, but are the wrong colour.

But I could not exactly see why. CSS was a bit mixed up for my liking so difficult to see what was happening.

1) You have your link psuedo classes out of order - do not think this is your problem though. They should be :link :visited :hover :active
As you have visited after hover - it can cause problems.

2) Test to perform -

Place some extra links in page (inside the blok div), BUT not inside list tags. Can't tell you how many problems I have had with lists.

If the links come up with right colour, it could be you need to have something like this

.blok ul li a:link {

All I can think of at moment.

Good Luck

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