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hi everyone. this is my first post, i hope someone can offer some insight.

i'm developing the below site for the department i work for at the university of colorado at boulder. it's a simple hub for distributing streaming video to students.

i have tested the site in IE for windows and firefox for windows thus far.

IE for windows reveals 2 glaring problems with my intuitively correct CSS.

the top 3 bars (a black CU menu, the title, and what will become the menu bar) don't reach the right side of the window in IE. they seem to be pushed about 15 px from the right edge.

also, there is a gradient in the main content area that dissolves into a color that matches the background color. in firefox the transition is seamless, but in IE the hex code i've used doesn't seem to display the correct color, making the side look horrible.

so, can anyone offer insight as to where my CSS has gone awry?

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1 css positioning issue, 1 css color issue


The first thing I notice is you have used png files.

IE doesn't properly support these due to a bug. The png's MUST be 16.7m color palette. Compressed palettes display wrong. Good old MS Crying

The second thing is your code is a mess. Your DOCTYPE is incomplete at the start. Capital letters for your tags is a no-no too, and why not use XHTML 1.0 Strict?

You haven't zero'd the margins and padding for the page (set body{margin:0;padding:0}