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I am creating a personal portfolio of my work but the site is very dull.
Can you please give me some input on how I can make it pleasing and
attractive to other audience that is going to be viewing my site.

The URL:


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Site review

First thing is to get shot of those butt ugly valid buttons also which is it, are you coding valid html 4.01 or xhtml 1.0 can't be both!.

It's a bit difficult to tell you what direction to take the design if it's such a blank canvas your just going to have us all giving you our ideas of what constitutes a good design and as a designer you should be wanting to imprint you ideas on this; it's your showcase so to speak. It may be better to start to develop ideas and then ask us for opinions on which we find more pleasing, we also do not know what content you want on your pages just a large chunk of Lorum Ipsem filling the page tells us little about what may go there.


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Site review

One suggestion is that the Welcome text is sitting too low. In IE6, I am seeing it touching the bottom border of the red area.

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Site review

I like your header graphic and the big welcome but as Hugo says, lose the ugly buttons. I'd personally opt for a horizontal nav rather than the box insert as you've got at the moment. Maybe put it in a different colour too.
I also think you might want to consider splitting your site into two columns because your line length is a bit too long at the moment and because it would also help you to introduce some more elements to help break up/liven the design.

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Site review

I second that motion...lose the buttons...and I do not really care for the header.

Your site needs to represent you and what you do. If I was looking for a designer and came across your page, I would probably spend 2 seconds on it and then move on. There is nothing on it that captures my attention. I am not able to tell who you are, your style, and so forth.

I am not trying to be harsh, but if this 'dull' page represents your work, then...well, I'll leave it at that. Your online portfolio is the bridge between your work and potential clients. If they do not feel safe with the 'bridge', they will not continue which means you will lose.

I agree with Hugo, you need to decide what direction, style and design you want and like and then go with it. My suggestion would be to look at other sites and see what other designers are doing. CSS Zen Garden can be a good place for inspiration. Smile


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