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in the right hand sidebar, there is a series of manufacturer logos that link to places on the site or outside pages. in IE5.01, the links do not register with the mouse (i.e. the Hand appears) unless you are right on the border of the <a>. anywhere over the image does not register. all other browsers are fine. can anybody help?

the code for these is as follows:


<div id="sidebar"> <!--- FLOATING SIDEBAR --->
	<h1 style="margin-top: 0px;">The Ultimate</h1>
	<a href=""  class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_suzuki.gif" alt="Suzuki: Catch and Reward!" width="120" height="31" /></a>
	<a href="suzuki_parts.cfm" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_suzuki_parts.gif" alt="Suzuki Parts Online" width="120" height="31" /></a>
	<a href="boats.cfm#alumacraft" title="Alumacraft" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_alumacraft.gif" alt="Alumacraft" /></a>
	<a href="boats.cfm#premier" title="Premier" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_premier.gif" alt="Premier" /></a>
	<a href="outboards.cfm#honda" title="Honda Marine" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_honda.gif" alt="Honda Marine" /></a>
	<a href="boats.cfm#champion" title="Champion Boats" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_champion.gif" alt="Champion Boats" /></a>
	<a href="outboards.cfm#mercury" title="Mercury Outboards" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_mercury.gif" alt="Mercury Outboards" /></a>
	<a href="boats.cfm#tuffy" title="Tuffy Boats" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_tuffy.gif" alt="Tuffy Boats" /></a>
	<a href=""  title="Dan's Southside Marine, proud supplier of Karavan Trailers" class="manufacturer_logo block"><img src="images/bar_karavan.gif" alt="Karavan Trailers" /></a>
	<h1>Hot Links</h1>
	<a href="" title="Minnesota Tournament Trail" ><img src="images/mtt.gif" alt="Minnesota Tournament Trail" /></a>
	<a href="" title="Click for more information on Suzuki's Catch and Reward program." ><img src="images/catch_and_reward.gif" alt="Suzuki: Catch and Reward" /></a>

Applicable CSS:

#sidebar img {
	margin: 10px 0px;

#sidebar a img {
	vertical-align: bottom;
	margin: 0px;

a.manufacturer_logo {
   border: 1px solid #000;
   padding: 0px;
   margin: 5px auto;
   width: 122px;/* False value for IE5/Win */
    voice-family: "\"}\"";
   width: 120px; /* Actual value for conformant browsers */   
html>a.manufacturer_logo {
   width: 120px; /* Be nice to Opera */

a:hover.manufacturer_logo {
	border: 1px solid #20A071;

a.manufacturer_logo img {
	vertical-align: bottom;
	margin: 0px;

.block {
	display: block;