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Wow, I just noticed Hugo has blown my post count out of the water.
After years of being the top dog I now bow my head and acknowledge the greatness of the one named Hugo.
And I also post this to get me one step closer to the top again. Laughing out loud

Well done Hugo keep up the top quality posts.

Here is a well known story for all that are thinking of racing out and posting madly to up their post count:

Old Bull, Young Bull
Once upon a time there was a young bull and an old bull climbing up a hill. Now the young bull was very excited and kept running around as the old bull slowly walked up the hill.
When he got to the top of the hill the young bull saw a herd of cows, with no bulls around. So the young bull yelled wahoo I'm going to race down there and get me one of those.
So off he went tearing down the hill as fast as he could.
Once he got to the bottom he chased all the cows around looking for a nice bit of rump.
While this was happening the old bull reached the top of the hill and said to himself, I'm going to stroll down the hill and have my way with all of them, and he did.

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Hugo has top post count

:oops: Cool

Nice fable! let's not have a post race Wink more quality, less quantity
draws attention and praise.

Been trying to back off the posting, I'm no usurper of thrones. just a faithful courtier.

Before you make your first post it is vital that you READ THE POSTING GUIDELINES!
Please post ALL your code - both CSS & HTML - in [code] tags
Please validate and ensure you have included a full Doctype before posting.
Why validate? Read Me

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Hugo has top post count

well done Hugo, you old bull. Your posts are, as Tony says, of top quality (at least in terms of content if not punctuation!).


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Hugo has top post count

There was a farmer who bought a new stud rooster to replace his old, ageing rooster.

When he arrived, the old rooster approached him.

"Surely you cannot hope to please all these hens? I've managed to do it and look how long it's taken me."

"No way old man, I can handle it. You're old, off you go."

"Tell you what", says the old rooster. "Lets have a race around the farm. Whoever wins gets entire control over this domain."

"Alright, but since you don't stand a chance, I'll give you a headstart."

So the old rooster took off, and after building up a good speed, the young rooster followed.

The gap was closing, and as they neared the porch of the farmhouse they were almost neck and neck.

They passed the farmer when suddenly he grabbed his shotgun and - BLAM - blew the young rooster to bits.

"[email protected] . . . . third g ay rooster I bought this month . . "

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Hugo has top post count

=D> Well done Hugo (and TPH Laughing out loud )

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