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I'm a novice to CSS and was developing a blog for someone based on the Moveable Type program. Since this came with CSS templates and everything, all I did was adjust a few colors and change images - mostly by overwriting the originals. However, the blog looks like crap on Firefox. Not sure what to do about this as I just used the CSS that came with the program.

Please help.

The link is: http://www.pathtofreedom.com/journal

Thanks for any and all assistance. I can post the CSS if need be.

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Moveable Type Blog and CSS

And were you using Frontpage to edit the html in?

You need to check the page through for errors of which there are a few:

The page takes forever to download you must optimize those images 780k is just far far too large for a web page.

Your div containers for the images are fixed width the images are largely of greater dimension they are correctly overflowing the container. IE is in fact getting this wrong. The header div needs sorting I'm not sure what your doing with that but the centre div will need a top margin to clear the #top theres some rather confused code going on there.

Clear up the markup errors first so that they do not play a part in any problems then you'll need to work on the code.

incidentally Firefox is the correct impression of the code written and it's important to code and check to that browser not IE.


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