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For those posting their site


If you think your site is ready for release then post a link here and we will check it out. Make sure you validate your code and check it an as many browsers as you can first.

taken directly from the forum index.

Before you post your site, please Validate.
Validate your CSS and Markup (HTML or XHTML). A great resource for using the validator can be found here.

The most common mistake with a page is the lack of a doctype. If you don't have one, Pineapple will be the first to let you know Laughing out loud.

Also, remove the XML Prolog. This is the code that starts <xml version="... >. It is unnecessary (unless using an XML file), and causes IE to be thrown into Quirks mode. This is a bad thing. For a demo of how this affects IE, check out this page.


Site checks like the rest of the CSS forum are about helping fellow web developers learn and improve. They are not about degrading, criticising or making anyone lose face.

If you are responding to a site check, offer advice or suggestions, encourage, show respect, be constructive not destructive.

If you've had a bad day at work don't take it out on anyone here, turn off your computer, go for a walk turn left at the corner and keep going till you reach the pub, cafe, park and relax for a while.